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FARSINCE Vietnam factory has rich experience in network cable production. Our Patch Cables are widely used to connect devices such as computers, game consoles, DSL modems, routers, switches, network boxes, and patch panels. Currently, Cat8 Ethernet cable supports transmission speeds up to 40Gbps and 2000MHz bandwidth, which can meet the needs of high-speed networks. We provide many types of Patch Cables, including Cat6, Cat7 cables, and other specifications. In addition, we also provide patch cables with extremely thin, flat and angled designs to adapt to the network connection needs of small spaces and specific scenarios, making wiring more reasonable. The Trunk Cables series is also our best-selling product, based on high-performance cabling systems and supporting 1000Base-T speeds. We also offer custom options for printing, lengths, connectors, jackets and packaging to meet your specific needs. All of our Patch Cables undergo rigorous performance testing and comply with industry regulations. When you choose FARSINCE, you get reliable, proven Patch Cables for your networking needs.

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