Ethernet Patch Cable RJ45 Cat8 Toolless Modular Plug Connector

Capable of delivering 10G-40G data networking speeds, this plug connector provides an unparalleled network experience.

Its 360-degree fully shielded design meets IP20 industrial waterproof and dustproof standards, ensuring optimal protection.

And the toolless design allows for fast installation without a crimping tool.

Our plug connector features zinc alloy die-casting housing and 50u gold-plated contacts.

The IDC terminals boast a PCB design (UL 94-V0), providing enhanced stability and performance.

The plug also comes with a dust cap and supports AWG23-26 wires with an outer diameter of 6.0-8.0mm.

Suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications, this plug connector is perfect for use with PCs, routers, switches, patch panels, wall outlets, and machinery.

Outdoor applications include building, lighting, and equipment fields.

Our connector supports T568A and T568B wiring schemes and has an insertion force of up to 30N (IEC60603-7-5).

The retention strength between the jack and plug is 7.7 KGS, and the contact life (mating cycles) is a minimum of 750 cycles.

Besides, it supports a minimum of 20 repeated installation cycles for IDC and operates at temperatures ranging from -10 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, certified by GHMT in Germany, CTTL verified according to the TIA Cat8 channel test by 30m, and CE and ROHS tested by SGS, this connector adheres to the highest industry standards.

And each package comes in a zip bag containing one field plug, one dust cap, a 1x3cm copper foil, and a user guide for seamless installation.

Overall, our plug connector offers an exceptional solution for high-performance networking applications.

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Order Information:

  • FS7201-C8: Cat8 Shielded Field Termination Plug
  • FS7201-C7: Cat7 Shielded Field Termination Plug
  • FS7201-C6A: Cat6A Shielded Field Termination Plug
  • FS17201/AG Angled type
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200 Rolls

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7-30 Days


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