Cat6 UTP Cable, Male Female Network Cable Trunking

Our cat6 UTP cable is a pre-terminated trunking cable assembly designed to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs in large network infrastructures with high-density cross-connections and patching systems.

It supports 1 Gigabit speed and has 12 loose jack modules on both ends, allowing for a simple plug-and-play installation.

One of the key features of this cat6 UTP cable is the customized connector types, including plug-plug, jack-jack, and plug-jack combinations, which can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

The high-quality connectors ensure system reliability and stability.

Besides, the braided mesh sleeve keeps the cable neat and promotes better airflow, contributing to a more organized and efficient network environment.

Fast and easy installation is another advantage of the cable. Each cable assembly is tested rigorously to help ensure a smooth and efficient installation.

And each trunk assembly receives an individual identification number, making managing and maintaining your network easier.

Moreover, our cat6 UTP cable is available in different colors and lengths, providing flexibility for various networking requirements.

It is also ROHS and REACH compliant, ensuring our products meet the highest environmental and safety standards.

The specifications for this cat6 UTP cable include the following:

  • Conductor: Bare copper
  • Wire Gauge: 26AWG or 24AWG
  • Insulation: HDPE
  • Insulation colors: Blue/White, Blue; Orange/White, Orange; Green/White, Green; Brown/White, Brown
  • Shielding: None
  • Braiding: None
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Outer diameter: 6.0±0.2mm
  • Connector 1: RJ45 UTP
  • Connector 1: RJ45 UTP
  • Contact: Gold plated 3U
  • Testing: Fluke tester

Overall, this cable offers a high-performance, reliable, and efficient solution for large network infrastructures.

Trust us as your go-to wholesale supplier for top-quality cables, adapters, and consumer electronic products, and experience the efficiency and reliability of our product today.


  • Data sheet of Cat6 Pre-Terminated Copper Trunk Cable

Order Information:

FS17402A**-xxx: Cat6 U/UTP Pre-Terminated Copper Trunk Cable, 6 plug to 6 plug

FS17402B**-xxx: Cat6 U/UTP Pre-Terminated Copper Trunk Cable, 6 plug to 6 jack

FS17402C**-xxx: Cat6 U/UTP Pre-Terminated Copper Trunk Cable, 6 jack to 6 jack

  • xxx=Length: 030=3.0M, 050=5.0M, 075=7.5M, 100=10M, 200=20M, 300=30M
  • For Example FS17402BBU-030= Cat6 U/UTP Pre-Terminated Copper Trunk Cable, 6 plug to 6 jack, 3M Length
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Min. Order

200 Rolls

Lead Time

7-30 Days


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