quality control

Quality has always been the first priority

With the philosophy that quality first in mind,  FARSINCE sticks to do the right things, and with that in mind we use only a more stringent standards and a lower variable tolerance requirements possible to maintain exhaustive quality control protocols. Our detailed processes start with our QC Engineer pulling randomly selected items from alternating product lines and delivers them directly to our Quality Control Lab. All products are required to fall within some of the stricter industry tolerances

Always Conform To Standardized Proces

  • Incoming Quality Control(IQC):  We not only select material suppliers but also each incoming materials;
  • In-Process Quality Control (IPQC):  Inspections will be done in various forms during in-process production
  • Finished Quality Control (FQC):  Product and packaging will be inspected when finished;
  • Outgoing Quality Control (OQC):  The last inspection before shipment
Quality control process

Advanced testing equipment ensures stable product quality


TDR Analyzer


Fluke Tester


Cable Tester

Bending Tester

Bending Tester


Salt Spray Tester


Insertion And Withdraw Force Tester

RoHS Test Machine

RoHS Test Machine

Aging Oven Tester

Aging Oven Tester

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