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AOC optical fiber lines use photoelectric conversion technology, so the attenuation is almost zero during long-distance signal transmission, up to 150 meters long. Optical fiber HDMI cable uses optical signal transmission and is not subject to external electromagnetic interference, achieving true lossless transmission and ensuring high-quality transmission. Especially for scenes that require high audio transmission quality, connecting an optical fiber HDMI cable can immediately bring theater-level audio-visual effects. In addition, we also provide different types of AOC cables such as DP AOC cables, USB AOC cables, USB-C AOC cables, etc. We can provide options of different lengths, angles, and screws according to your needs. Our AOC wire undergoes rigorous performance testing and meets industry regulatory requirements. FARSINCE is committed to launching high-quality products with well-designed and reasonable prices to provide you with the best solutions to connect work and life.

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