Cable Research & Development

In FARSINCE, Our cabling experts not only have extensive experience in cable development but also familiar with the latest  cable standards such as UL standard,  EU requirements, CPR Level…etc

Whether you’re searching for a custom cable for the specific application or the latest device, our team is here to support you.

PCB Development

We offer various kindly of Adapter and Hub products, such as USB Type-C Adapter Hub,  DisplayPort Adapter, HDMI Adapter, USB Adapters,  and there are too many different resolutions to meet different market and requirement. We are able to customize the chip solutions for your unique requirement such as:

Molding Creating & Tooling

We offer dozen of connector & cable designs to meet the tastes of the different markets and your brand identity.

If you have your own branded design or required a new design, we can assist you through the whole process, from drawing to tooling.

Our design and tooling support ensure you always get the unique cable that makes you stand out in the market.

Packaging Customization

A nice package can raise the grade of your product, make you more money by selling with a better price  and raise the value of your brand, 

Although we already have lots of packaging for you to choose from, we can also design a unique packaging for you based on your ideas.

View Existing Packaging Options >>>

Customization Process

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Through the flexible communication, we collect all your requirement and convey them to our engineers.

Step 2

Project Evaluation

Farsince experters assess the working procedure, materials and the cost of your USB cable project in a considerate way

Step 3

Sample Making

After the project confirmation from you, we make the sample for you to evaluation in one week. the molding fee can be fully refunded when order quantity reaches an agreed quantity.

Step 4

Order Placement

Once the order is placed, we start the mass production and inform you of the shipment date

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