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FARSINCE provides automotive dashboard embedded cables that can be used to extend dashboards and electronic devices in cars, RVs, trucks, boats, and yachts, supporting HDMI, DP, USB, USB-C, and other ports. At the same time, these cables are also suitable for use in study rooms, bedrooms, and offices, and can easily connect computers, projectors, high-definition TVs, and monitors. Some car dashboard embedded cables have waterproof and dustproof covers, suitable for outdoor use, which can prevent rain or debris from entering the port and protect the device or interface from damage. In addition, we also provide buried cables with LED ambient lighting to guide you to quickly connect your devices for charging or data transfer. We offer many types of dash recessed cables and can customize WaterProof Rugged Cables to fit your needs. All of our WaterProof Rugged Cables undergo rigorous performance testing and comply with industry regulations. FARSINCE is committed to launching high-quality products with well-designed and reasonable prices to provide you with the best solutions to connect work and life.

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