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FARSINCE line of USB 2.0 cables are ideal for connecting keyboards, mice, modems, printers, and other peripherals equipped with USB 2.0 ports. Among them, FARSINCE USB 2.0 extension cable with chip series is our best-selling product, which can achieve a transmission distance of up to 30 meters without signal attenuation, which is very suitable for long-distance transmission needs. Our products are designed with foil and braid shielding to be fully resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), their twisted pair construction helps reduce crosstalk, and they are rigorously tested to ensure high-speed, error-free data transmission. We offer competitive prices for bulk orders. FARSINCE has been committed to providing high-quality cable products to meet customer needs. Choose FARSINCE and you’ll get a reliable USB 2.0 cable for your connectivity needs.

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