Category: Audio & Video

AV cables (Audio and Video Cables) are a vital component in any audio or video setup, enabling the transmission of audio and video signals from the source device to the output device such as televisions, speakers, gaming consoles, and more.

This category includes various cables, such as 2RCA Male To 2RCA Male Stereo Coaxial Audio Cables and 2 In 1 Apple Lightning To 3.5mm Headphone Charger Adapters.

The cables are equipped with high-quality connectors, often gold-plated, designed to facilitate superior signal transfer and reduce interference.

Their construction ensures maximum conductivity and durability, with many featuring soft PVC jackets for easy cable management.

In the case of specific models, they offer added versatility by enabling users to charge their devices while listening to music.

Some are also equipped with original chipsets that support headphones and mic functionality for phone calls, ensuring clear and high-quality audio experiences.

In conclusion, this category of AV cables caters to a wide range of connectivity needs.

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