Cat 7 S/FTP Shielded and Foiled Twisted pair Ethernet installation cable, 600MHZ

Farsince CAT7 Shielded and Foiled Ethernet installation cable, is ideal for for high performance data communications for voice, data, video and security capabilities. This cable enables 10-Gigabit data transmission and allows for faster banderwith up to 600MHz Composed of four individually shielded pairs of 23 gauge solid bare copper conductors, with an overall Aluminum Magnesium Alloy braid shield, in order to repel electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electrically noisy environments, the CAT7A bulk Ethernet cable has an overall LSZH jacket and sequential foot or meter markings on the jacket so you always know how much it left.

Key Features

  • S/FTP
  • 23AWG 0.57mm Solid Oxygen-free Copper,
  • Foam-Skin insulation,
  • PVC/CMR/CMP/LSZH /PE Jacket options
  • More color options
  • Tested by Fluke and Network analyser
  • ROHS, REACH Compliance
  • CPR Eca, Dca Certificated

Standard Compliance

  • IEC/ISO 11801
  • ISO/IEC 61156-5
  • ANSI/TIA568C.2


  • Conductor : 23AWG (1/0.57mm), Solid Bare Copper
  • Insulation: Foam skin PE
  • Shielding: Individual pair shielding by aluminum foil
  • Braiding: 16/6/0.12 AL-MG
  • Outer Diameter: 7.8 ± 0.2mm
  • Jacket Options: PVC, LSZH, CM, CMR(Riser), CMP(Plenum), PE (Outdoor),
  • Color: Grey/White/Blue/Black or Customized


  • Datasheet of Cat7 S/FTP Netwoking installation bulk cable

Order Information:

  • FS17008-C: PVC
  • FS17008-L: LSZH
  • FS17008-M: CM Rated
  • FS17008-R: CMR Riser
  • FS17008-P: CMP Plenum
  • FS17008-E: PE for outdoor
FOB Ref Price

US$ 130-US$ 150

Model No.






Min. Order

100 Rolls

Lead Time

7-30 Days


Length, Color, Package

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