S/FTP Cat 7 Shielded And Foiled Twisted Pair Ethernet Installation Cable, 600MHZ

Designed to enable 10-Gigabit data transmission and support faster bandwidth up to 600MHz, this Cat 7 shielded cable ensures exceptional performance in today’s high-speed networks.

It boasts S/FTP construction, which consists of four individually shielded pairs of 23 gauge solid bare copper conductors.

This design protects against electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring your network connections remain stable and interference-free even in electrically noisy environments.

The cable is equipped with a high-quality 23AWG 0.57mm solid oxygen-free copper conductor, which enhances signal transmission and ensures optimal network performance.

And the foam-skin insulation further safeguards the conductors while maintaining flexibility for easy installation.

Various jacket options are available for this Cat 7 shielded cable, including PVC, CMR, CMP, LSZH, and PE, allowing you to choose the ideal option for your specific installation needs.

Besides, it comes in various colors, making identifying and managing your network connections easy.

Additionally, Fluke and Network Analyzer test and verify our Cat 7 shielded cable, guaranteeing its reliability and performance.

It is also RoHS and REACH compliant, as well as CPR Eca and Dca certified.

This ensures you use a dependable and environmentally-friendly product that complies with industry standards such as IEC/ISO 11801, ISO/IEC 61156-5, and ANSI/TIA568C.2.

In conclusion, with its solid construction, range of jacket options, and compliance with industry standards, this cable is a reliable and versatile solution for all your networking needs.


  • Datasheet of Cat7 S/FTP Netwoking installation bulk cable

Order Information:

  • FS17008-C: PVC
  • FS17008-L: LSZH
  • FS17008-M: CM Rated
  • FS17008-R: CMR Riser
  • FS17008-P: CMP Plenum
  • FS17008-E: PE for outdoor
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100 Rolls

Lead Time

7-30 Days


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