High Speed USB 2.0 Type A Male to Micro B Male Data Charging Cable, 480Mbps

The data charging cable offers unrivaled compatibility, whether it’s your Android cellphone, MP3, MP4, GPS, tablet, digital camera, or other USB peripherals.

You will watch it effortlessly achieve data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps, or use its 5V 2.4A quick charge capabilities for rapid, efficient charging.

Encased within a flexible PVC jacket, our cable showcases exceptional durability with molded strain relief connectors and easy-grip treads for simple plugging and unplugging.

Boasting foil and braid shielding, it repels EMI/RFI interference gracefully, while the twisted pair construction minimizes crosstalk, promising high-speed, error-free data transfer.

Its specifications:

  • Gold-plated contact, Nickel plated shell
  • Cable Conductor: Bare Copper
  • Insulation: Foamed PE SKIN/HDPE
  • Wire Gauge: 28/28AWG
  • Housing: Injection mold
  • Chip: N/M
  • Outer diameter: 4.2±0.2mm
  • Compliance: RoHS, REACH

Furthermore, with it, you’ll receive a high-performance product underpinned by a 2-year warranty, exemplifying our commitment to quality.

In short, contact us today and add our product to your inventory.

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US$ 0.29-US$ 0.66

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Min. Order

200 pcs

Lead Time

7-30 Days


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