Best HDMI Wireless Extender 60 with Cheapest Price for Promotion

Our groundbreaking device uses a single cat-5e or cat-6 cable to transmit high-definition signals over 60 meters, offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive and limited HDMI cables.

You will witness seamless 1080p full HD quality over long distances without any loss in quality.

It supports HDCP 1.2 protocol and CEC, delivering a range of video input and output options for flexibility.

Also, supporting multiple audio formats such as DTS-HD, Dolby-TrueHD, and LPCM7.1 ensures a stellar auditory experience to match the visual.

This best HDMI wireless extender, requiring only a DC5V/1A power supply, installs in minutes, promising a blend of convenience, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

In summary, contact us today and add it to your inventory.

FOB Ref Price

US$ 10-US$17

Model No.






Min. Order

200 Pieces

Lead Time

7-30 Days


Length, Color, Package

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