Best DisplayPort Adapter Female to Female Panel Mount Coupler

The best DisplayPort adapter offers female to female connectivity with an innovative screw design that ensures a firm connection.

It simplifies your setup by combining two DisplayPort cables through a panel with zero signal loss or extending your reach to a DisplayPort MST hub for a clutter-free desktop.

Featuring High Bit Rate (HBR) bandwidth support and up to 4k resolution capabilities, this coupler guarantees exceptional performance.

Its specifications:

  • Nut and Screw type: #4-40 nickel plated
  • Gold plated contact; Gold plated shell
  • Inner molding: LDPE
  • Out molding: 45P PVC, Black
  • Compliance: RoHS, REACH

Further, backed by FARSINCE’s years-long warranty, it adheres to DisplayPort 1.2 standards. In summary, invest in it and elevate your inventory.

FOB Ref Price

US$ 1.25

Model No.






Min. Order

500 Pieces

Lead Time

10 Days


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