FARSINCE Micro USB Input to HDMI Female Output Converter USB HDMI Cable Phone to TV

With its sleek black design and gold HDTV connectors, our 15cm cable provides a seamless bridge between your MHL devices and HD television.

Encased in a robust PVC jacket and featuring combination shielding, you can trust in uninterrupted 1080p (Full HD) video and flawless audio pass-thru for digital 7.1, 5.1, or 2 channels.

Plus, it is plug-and-play and requires no complex settings for personal use or professional applications.

The USB HDMI cable phone to TV comes with a 2-year warranty and meets CE FCC RoHS standards.

It is in a color box and can charge your device during playback. In summary, contact us today and invest in it.

FOB Ref Price

US$ 2.14

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Min. Order

100 Pieces

Lead Time

7-30 Days


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