U/UTP Cat6 Bulk Cable Ethernet Installation 1000ft 305m

This cat6 bulk cable supports 1000 Base-T data transmission and offers a faster bandwidth of up to 250MHz. Comprised of four unshielded twisted pairs of 23-gauge solid bare copper conductors, it features high-density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation.

Plus, it is available with an overall LSZH jacket or a CMR-UL PVC jacket, such as PVC, CMR, CMP, LSZH, and PE, and sequential foot or meter markings on the jacket ensure you know exactly how much cable is left.

The cable is available in various colors, including grey, white, blue, black, or customized, and has been tested by Fluke and Network analyzers.

Moreover, this high-quality cable has received CPR Eca and Dca certifications compliant with ROHS and REACH regulations.

And it adheres to industry standards such as IEC/ISO 11801 2nd Class D, ANSI/TIA568C.2 Category 6, and ISO/IEC 61156-5 Category 6.

Consequently, when choosing a cat6 bulk cable for your networking needs, look no further than our offering.

With its unshielded construction, a wide range of jacket and color options, and adherence to industry standards, this cable will provide reliable performance for your networking infrastructure.


  • Datasheet of Cat6 Netwoking installation bulk cable

Order Information:

  • FS17003-C: PVC
  • FS17003-L: LSZH
  • FS17003-M: CM Rated
  • FS17003-R: CMR Riser
  • FS17003-P: CMP Plenum
  • FS17003-E: PE for outdoor
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Min. Order

100 Rolls

Lead Time

7-30 Days


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