540 Degree Magnetic Charging Cables Fast Phone Charging Data Cable Transfer

These magnetic charging cables utilize an innovative magnetic blind plug-in charging method.

Say goodbye to the hassle of plug-ins, and embrace the ease of magnetic second adsorption.

And this intelligent design doubles as a dust plug, ensuring your device’s charging port remains clean and safe.

What sets our magnetic charging cables apart is not just their functionality but their style.

Each cable features an exclusive private mold appearance with a lustrous aluminum alloy shell. Its lengthy tail prevents bending, increasing the cable’s resilience and longevity.

To withstand abrasion, these cables are created with a high-density nylon woven cover with a 3.5mm diameter.

Their toughness assures that they will keep working even under heavy use.

Also, you don’t have to stress about locating your cable in the dark.

Our cables include a soft LED design that produces a soft, easy-on-the-eyes nightlight.

They are powerful as well as tough and fashionable. A 100% pure copper core conductor inside enables quick charging and can support a high output current of up to 3.0A.

And your device’s power-up time will astound you.

Moreover, our magnetic charging cables are particularly well suited for use inside vehicles.

You will experience the convenience of one-handed charging and ensure your focus remains on the road for safe driving.

The packaging is as high-quality as the product itself. Your cable arrives in a thickened 400g copperplate paper window box with environmentally friendly PS inner support.

Plus, our laser convex UV printing process adds a touch of elegance, while the outer box sealing treatment ensures your product arrives in perfect condition.

Overall, experience the future of charging and data transfer today with our 540 degree magnetic charging cables.

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7-30 Days


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